Boots N' Ballads Zine Reviews (Mr Face Record's Releases)

Boots N' Ballads Zine Reviews (Mr Face Record's Releases)

These very short reviews were taken from my First Volume of Boots N' Ballads Zine. All the pressings of these records were amazing cheap shit here.

"All these records are Mr Face records releases of recent. Mic (An Slua) will be reviewing Battery March and Tony (Sympos) & Myself (Ryan) will be reviewing the rest. I don't particularly like comparing bands to other's lazy shit cunt writing if ya ask me. We have all of the bands audio at our fuckin' fingertips so listen for yourself. I think Reviews are supposed to be all about the stoke and the feelings ya get as an individual....anyways enjoy." 


 The Detained - Dead And Gone

"Dead and gone" is musically and lyrically brilliant. From bein sick to death of bigots to the lingering fear of the beer takin' hold, this 7 track LP kicks ass. Fun, aggro, riffy, catchy tunes with awesome sing a long backin' vocals along with so much rhythmic rockin' guitar riffs that really accentuate the vocals so perfectly. You're missin' out if you don't cop this record.

Intimidation - Total Aggression 
American oi! with no fuckin' about. Absolutely loved their demo from 2020. Every time I listen to it I just wanna fight someone and this release is no different. These lads wanna tear ya apart and let ya know how they feel whilst doin' so. Real old school oi! feel to this band. The vocals give a militant feel that fits so perfectly with the fast and catchy guitar riffs. Love this guy's voice so much. It's so hard hitting you can almost hear the veins popping out of his forehead. From the opening bass line of "Switchblade Knife" to The closing blitz cover "Fight To Live" "Total Aggression" is the Perfect name for this release. 
Oil! - The Honour Of Glory
Oil! Give us this fun & almost satirical 12 track LP. Plenty of comedic, tongue & cheek lyrics backed by some classic oi! Chants in the choruses. The lil irish boozy sea shanty touch in "She Left Me" is after me own heart. Can't hate on a song bout gettin' drunk. Don't get it twisted, just because these lads are having great craic with the lyrics doesn't change the fact that each track rips hard. The Gang vocals that pop in and out should remind you why oi! Is the best you can get.
Battery March - Futur Pour Eux EP
Battery March out of Boston’s most recent release since their brilliant Demo in 2019. This is proper mid tempo anthemic Oi!/Punk that I can’t get enough of. The riffs, art and vocals are all brilliant but what really shines in this release is the lyrics. And when anger is backed by thoughtful, well thought out lyrics it’s a Molotov cocktail for an amazing release. They’ve just finished recording LP and it could be the record of the year! Up the Boston Punx n Skins.
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