Lost Dead are a band from Chicago in the States that recently sent me their first full length 8 track album to review. I am approaching this completely blind so I can be completely honest. I'm shit with words and I suck at reviews so enjoy the mess. I don't like comparing bands too much as I feel it can be lazy writing and from working in a record shop I'm very used to dipshits telling me a band sounds like this and that and you think you're in for a great time, when really it's just pure shite. "Oh Look at me, I write reviews naming as much niche punk bands as I can possibly find on google, please accept me into this beloved scene"......Fuck off. I've read reviews where people just name drop a million bands from the same area that are less known just to seem more cultured but it gives you fuck all of a feel for the band. Doubt I'll give you much of a feel either but hey, at least I'm honest. At least you can listen for yourself, you being the mighty critic. Fuck you too. Anyways onto the band.

Lost Dead are punk for sure but to categorise em down as hardcore, post punk, oi! etc wouldn't be right. They are a mixture of a lot of genres as is everything nowadays. A lot of experimenting went on with this album. There's hints of oi! related riffs accompanied by dark melodic post punky guitar. Tracks like "Anymore" "La Muerte" and "Solace" really have that new wave of oi! sound that we have all come to know and love so well over the past few years. Same goes for that iconic post punk sound, as it's very much present within this album. I know the post punk sound is everywhere so don't just pigeon hole them just yet, All 8 tracks feature a catchy rhythm section partnered with these echoey, reverb filled vocals with dark lyrics that feel like they are inspired by old school American punk bands in the 80's. On the edge of being out of key but very purposely controlled to maintain that it doesn't fall over or collapse. The music unlike the 80's styled vocals, really feel like it's straight from the mid 90's era of punk that pays homage to it's roots. As we know as amazing as some of the stuff was in the 90's, there was also a load of shit. In this case, you don't need to worry because Lost dead are great.

The production and recording of the album feels very minimal. I love minimal. Sounds like a proper DIY project one might do in his mother's basement. The best results in punk recordings have been made that way in my opinion.  Overproduced bullshit never swings for me. I imagine the band played live for the recording as I can hear some minor mistakes. This is a feature that I actually like. Their attitude, not their sound, much like some of the trashy beloved LA punks back in the day where it's loud as fuck and just complete stoke so who gives a fuck if someone messes up. Play it loud and you won't give a shit. It doesn't bother me and it isn't so obvious that it would bother you and if you were approaching this from a punk background then it shouldn't bother you either. What I'm saying is, Fuck off to K-Pop if you want perfected, over-produced bullshit. 

Lost Dead are a band I would really like to see live & loud if I ever make it to Chicago. They definitely ain't new to the scene as I'm aware they have played in great bands through the years like Pkdores, Eske, Youth Against, Los Ninos Heroes and Concienta Total. Go check out their new 8 tracks on all platforms and show some love. No harm in tracking back and listening to what they did before as it's equally great.

Ryan O'Keeffe.

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