Battle Of The Blaa (16th September) 2023

Battle Of The Blaa (16th September) 2023

Battle Of The Blaa will be taking place this year on Saturday, the 1st September at 1pm down in the People's Park, Waterford. 

Tunage will be sorted by The Ruze Crew.

Make sure to pop your head down. There will be plenty of Tunes, Craic, Prizes & More to look forward to. Plus there will be the 24 carrot Golden Blaa Trophy up for this year's winner. 

We also want to say a massive thank you to all the sponsors,

Cloud Skateboards,

S.U.I. (Skateboarding Under The Influence)

Goblin Skate Mag 

High Rollers Skate Shop 

Sole.lo Skate Store

Prime Time Skate Shop

Flower Skate Shop

Quay Skate Co.

Boarder Co 


FY Skateboards


Provident Skate Jeans

Hoods Bfs

Killing Time Hardware

Vertigo Flowers

Cavan Concrete Surfing

Floral Skateboards


Effigy Dublin


Troll Bowl Dublin

SSick Skateboards



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